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4th October 2022

It’s always a useful exercise to pause, take a step back and review what you’re trying to achieve as your business grows. I’ve been re-evaluating what it is that defines Argella’s offering to existing and prospective clients. Where we were originally focused entirely on working with start-ups, we now work with a more diverse range of businesses.


Support and advice for ambitious founders

Starting a new business is a challenging and exhilarating time. We support start-up founders with advice on product, business development and strategy. Clients benefit from our vast network of contacts alongside our extensive experience growing exciting and meaningful business propositions. 


Expert guidance while you navigate fast business growth

Scaling a business quickly throws up a whole new set of challenges for founders and CEOs. We advise our clients on sales strategy and product development based on twenty years of data and technology industry experience. Our expertise in operational resourcing and change management helps our clients ensure they have the right resources in the right places to enable their business to deliver. 


Guiding your business through digital transformation

The path to digital transformation isn’t always smooth, but the potential value and benefits of a successful transformation project are huge. We work with businesses to package and deliver their data and platforms to new audiences. 


A long-term relationship that’s invested in your success

We care about our clients, and like to develop relationships for the long-term with founders and CEOs that we admire. We work with growing businesses in non-exec and advisory board positions, developing a committed, embedded presence in your company. We can be your right-hand person, using a flexible commercial approach that’s aligned with your business goals.

I’m pleased with how we define what we do now. Take a look at how we could help your business achieve success, and let me know what you think.

AMAR RAJANI, Founder & Managing Director of Argella.

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